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Horween Chromexcel Leather Camera Wrist Straps

We're today introducing our range of wide leather camera wrist straps in a choice of brown or black premium quality Horween Chromexcel leather. Each strap is 16mm (5/8") in width and approximately 8" in length and hand stitched for reliability and strength.  They also feature a matching stitched keeper allowing you to tighten the strap around your wrist keeping your camera close and safe to you. A big advantage to the HL wide leather camera wrist straps is the suppleness of the leather which in use means it doesn't get in the way when you want to use your camera as other thicker, less supple leather camera wrist straps can do and is very comfortable to use from day one!...

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RF Rivet Free Leather Camera Neck Straps

  As a maker of leather camera neck straps in the UK, at 595strapco we're always looking for new ideas and styles of leather camera straps we can create to provide a comprehensive range of products covering every budget and need for photographers looking for leather camera straps. This week we're launching to the site a range of rivet free leather camera neck straps which provide a different take on the classic range of straps we currently have on offer. The RF range features a stitched strap end as opposed to riveted, meaning one less metal component in the process which could come into contact with your camera body.   As with all of our neck straps the RF rivet...

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