Granada Premium Leather Camera Strap

Here at 595strapco, we firmly believe Horween Chromexcel to be one of the finest leathers available in the market place today.

The advantages of using Horween Chromexcel leather are many and they include the fact that it’s one of the softest, most supple leathers available. It’s a leather that wears beautifully over time and colour transference is minimal, unlike many traditional leathers.

Hand Made from Horween Chromexcel

Our latest Granada premium leather camera strap is hand made from stealthy Horween Chromexcel. Each strap is cut by hand and prepared before being hand stitched with Ritza Tiger thread for strength and durability.

Ritza Tiger polyester thread is ideal for use with camera straps, being very strong and rot proof. You can choose from a range of 4 different coloured thread to make the Granada your own.

Granada Premium Leather Camera Strap

Our Granada straps are 16mm (⅝”) wide, making them ideal for use with DSLR cameras, compact cameras and film cameras included Nikon, Canon, Fuji & Leica.

We find 16mm wide straps to provide an excellent choice for comfort and usability and being as soft as each strap is, if needs be you can easily wrap the strap around your wrist if required.

Each strap also features hand made camera protectors to help any rubbing from the split rings.

Granada Premium Leather Camera Strap

We offer a wide range of lengths to provide the ideal fit and length for any photographer with the option of a custom size if standard sizes aren’t quite what you’re looking for.

We believe our Granada neck strap to be the ideal every day strap whether you’re a professional photographer or a keen amateur and makes a handsome addition to any camera with a lug style attachment.