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Leather Camera Wrist Straps | A Wide Selection

If you're thinking about a leather camera wrist strap for use with your camera, we have a wide selection to choose from depending on the style you're looking for. Each leather camera wrist strap is made by hand using premium quality leather cut from a full hide and we utilise high quality components for each strap we make. Whipped Thread Leather Camera Wrist StrapsOur whipped thread leather camera wrist straps are particularly popular and available in a choice of leather colours and a number of different cord whipping colours to suit. Each whipped thread leather camera strap features a bonded and stitched joint for reliability and security prior to being whipped. At 9.5mm wide, these straps are perfect when you want...

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What's your Leather Wrist Strap Choice?

There's a number of different leather wrist strap choices available for digital and film cameras today, and at 595strapco we manufacture a couple of different types, ideal for just about any 4/3rd's, CSC, film or small DSLR. Depending on the style of leather wrist strap you're looking for, we can offer a number of different options. All of our straps are 8" in total loop length. This offers an ideal opening for almost all sized hands and wrists, and provides a secure, comfortable length of strap when in use. As a custom leather strap manufacturer, we can cater for smaller (or bigger) requirements if needed, but we've found 8" tends to fit almost every need.  Depending on the style of...

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On-Black Custom Leather Camera Straps

At 595strapco, we hand make a bespoke range of custom leather camera straps ideal for users of a wide range of cameras, including Fuji, Leica, Sony, Panasonic and Olympus to name just a few. Perfect for the CSC mirrorless style camera systems, our on-black series of custom leather camera straps are 3/8" wide and approximately 8" in length.   This makes them ideal for comfortably carrying your kit, close to hand, safely and securely.  Our on-black series features black English bridle leather and is decoratively wrapped in a choice of black or red premium waxed polyester thread. Each of our custom leather camera straps feature a split ring allowing you to easily fit the strap to your camera body along with an O Ring adjuster...

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