Best Leather Camera Strap for a Leica Camera

Here at 595strapco, we get asked a lot about which is the best leather camera strap for a Leica camera.  As a maker of handmade leather camera straps we get asked a lot about camera straps for a wide range of camera brands. 

As Leica owners ourselves we want the best leather camera strap for a Leica camera as well. And with this in mind we are always trying out new ideas and styles. 

Here’s a rundown of our top five Best Leather Camera Straps for a Leica Camera. 

Kotu Leather Neck Strap
Our premium leather neck strap, the Kotu neck strap features a 1.5” wide neck pad to help support the camera if around the neck or helps to spread the load if worn crossbody.

We use the finest Horween leather for these straps and combine it with hand stitched Ritza waxed polyester thread which offers strength, durability and style. 

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 Leica Camera Strap


QR Anchor Neck Strap
Our QR Anchor Neck Strap is made from beautiful Horween Chromexcel leather and is cut by hand for a custom fit tailored to your needs for length. 

We utilise genuine Peak Design Anchor Clips and links and each strap is supplied with a spare pair of anchor links and split rings if required. At 19mm wide, it’s the widest strap we offer for a comfortable everyday wear. 

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Best Leather Camera Strap for a Leica Camera



Mocal Leather Neck Strap
We love to combine our straps with beautiful stitched ends and the Mocal leather neck strap features hand saddle stitched ends for strength and reliability. 

Each Mocal incorporates camera bumpers/protectors fo minimise wear from the split ring rubbing on the camera body. 

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 Leica M Leather Camera Strap


Sterling Leather Neck Strap
One of our top selling products, the Granada leather neck strap is lovingly crafted from Horween Chromexcel, available in beautiful black or brown and again featuring stitched ends with the option of adding camera bumpers if you wish. 

We have a range of contrasting thread available for you to choose from.  Alternatively if needed we can source alternate thread colours to your particular requirements. 

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Classic Rivet Free Neck Straps
If you're looking for a minimal, no fuss kind of neck strap, our classic rivet free neck strap is the ideal option.  We make these straps from vegetable tan leather in black, brown, tan or natural, untreated leather. 

Each RF Neck strap is ½” wide and features a minimal, stitched end. Each is supplied with 2 rubber o rings to use as camera protection against the split rings catching on the camera or you can order leather camera bumpers as an option. 

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Whatever Leica camera you own, our straps will add to the comfort of use, whether that’s every day use or for those moments you choose to take your camera out with you. 

If you’re looking for the best leather camera strap for a Leica, then you’re in the right place!  We’ve been using our straps on Leica cameras for almost 3 years now and we’ll be using them for a long time to come!