Quick Release Anchor Straps in Black or Brown!

Having a couple of different camera bodies that we use regularly, the idea of being able to swap from camera to camera using the same strap is a subject close to our hearts.

With this in mind, we've recently introduced our quick release anchor strap range which provides you with the option of doing just that! 

Our Quick Release Anchor Strap uses Peak Design AL-4 Anchor Links to enable a fast change from camera to camera.

Peak Design Anchor Links Luxury Camera Straps

Its also a system that is ideal if you wish to store your camera without a strap attached, enabling you to simply leave the anchor links attached to your camera and makes folding up your strap easy.

Quick Release Anchor Straps

We make our quick release anchor straps from 19mm (¾") wide premium quality Horween Chromexcel leather making them ideal for all sorts of cameras from DSLR's through to rangefinders, mirrorless and film cameras.

Each strap has a choice of thread colour options to customise your strap and make it a little more personal to you and the range is available in a choice of standard lengths from 34" to 48" so you get that perfect fit. 

The option also exists to make custom lengths if you need a specific size, just email us for more information on your requirements.

Premium Leather Camera Strap

We hand stitch each strap using strong 1mm Ritza Polyester thread for strength and longevity.  Being a polyester thread, this will not rot or break easily!  

The idea of a quick-release strap is perfect for us, going from camera body to camera body - and we think you'll like it too!

Check out our quick release anchor straps here - 

Brown Anchor Strap

Black Anchor Strap