Leather Camera Wrist Straps | A Wide Selection

Leather Camera Wrist Straps | A wide selection | 595strapco

If you're thinking about a leather camera wrist strap for use with your camera, we have a wide selection to choose from depending on the style you're looking for.

Each leather camera wrist strap is made by hand using premium quality leather cut from a full hide and we utilise high quality components for each strap we make.

Whipped Thread Leather Camera Wrist Straps
Our whipped thread leather camera wrist straps are particularly popular and available in a choice of leather colours and a number of different cord whipping colours to suit.

Each whipped thread leather camera strap features a bonded and stitched joint for reliability and security prior to being whipped. At 9.5mm wide, these straps are perfect when you want the security of a wrist strap without the bulk.

You can choose from brown, black or tan leather along with standard red, black or blue thread for whipping. We are also able to offer a number of alternate thread colours including orange, brown, forest green, purple and pink if you're looking for something a little more colourful.

A rubber O ring is supplied with each whipped wrist strap to help protect your camera and an additional o ring is used as a keeper on the strap enabling you to tighten the strap around your wrist should you wish to.

Whipped Leather Camera Wrist Straps


Garren Leather Camera Wrist Straps
The Garren leather camera wrist strap is made from premium English veg tan leather and features a leather stitched keeper to tighten around your wrist.

With a natural underside lightly sanded for comfort, our Garren leather camera wrist straps are 8" in length and available in black, dark brown, saddle tan or left natural to allow you the choice of strap colour you want.


Garren Leather Camera Wrist Strap


HL Wide Leather Camera Wrist Straps
Made from super soft chrome tanned leather our HL wide leather camera wrist straps are ⅝" (16mm) in width and feature hand stitched detail for strength and durability.

Available in black or brown with contrasting red waxed polyester thread, these camera wrist straps are the ultimate in comfort and age beautifully. Being made from soft chrome tanned leather each wrist strap has a small amount of stretch in it making it a super comfortable strap from day one.


HL Wide Leather Camera Wrist Strap


Softie Leather Camera Wrist Straps
Our range of QR softie leather camera wrist straps are made from flexible, English veg tan leather, but capable of holding almost all mirrorless or rangefinder style analogue film cameras quite comfortably.  ⅝" (16mm) in width each strap features a quick release fitting making it simple to attach the strap to use on your camera along with a stitched keeper to tighten on the wrist.

Colours for the softie include back, brown, tan or natural along with exclusive navy blue. The underside is left natural, lightly sanded for a comfortable fit and feel. Contrasting waxed thread is used to stitch each strap for a secure fixing.


QR Softie Leather Camera Wrist Strap


We pride ourselves on being able to offer a comprehensive range of leather camera wrist straps, each hand made, ideal for professional and amateur photographers alike. Why not take a closer look at our range and treat yourself to a premium, hand made leather camera wrist strap today.