Granada Premium Camera Straps NOW in Brown!

Following on from the popularity of our Granada Black Neck Straps, we're pleased to introduce our Brown Horween Chromexcel leather to the Granada range.

Made from the same premium quality Horween Chromexcel, our camera straps are very soft and supple from the get-go, making them ideal for a wide range of camera bodies.

Each Granada neck strap is 16mm (⅝”) wide, making them ideal for use with DSLR cameras, compact cameras and film cameras included Nikon, Canon, Fuji & Leica.

We find 16mm wide straps to provide an excellent choice for comfort and usability and being as soft as each strap is, if needs be you can easily wrap the strap around your wrist if required.

Each strap also features hand made camera protectors to help any rubbing from the split rings.

Check out our range of Granada Neck Straps in Brown here!