Adjustable Camera Straps Go Wide!

As best selling as our adjustable neck strap has proven to be, we have been asked on a number of occasions if we could make our adjustable neck strap in a wider size to the standard 12.5mm (1/2").

camera strap adjustable


Of course, we're always happy to oblige and a little while ago, we launched our adjustable neck straps in a 5/8" (16mm) width.  Same design and same features, we've just made it that little bit wider, meaning it's a little more comfortable when using with a DSLR or heavier compact system camera for instance.

Standard features at a glance - 

  • Material: Horween Chromexcel leather/Nickel plated hardware
  • Length: Adjustable from approx. 40” through to 46”
  • Width: Approx 16mm (5/8")
  • Colours available: Black or Brown

Utilising a split ring attachment, our adjustable leather camera strap suits camera bodies with a lug style fitting. 

Adjustable Natural Veg Tan Leather Camera Strap

We've also launched the adjustable in a natural colour.  We love natural veg tan leather and over time through use it develops a beautiful golden patina.  Our natural adjustable neck strap is available in 12.5mm or 16mm and we feel it's a great addition to the team - the 16mm works really well on larger DSLR's with a prime lens on, for instance.

adjustable camera strap

If you wish to, you can also customise your neck strap with camera protection bumpers which are added at the time of manufacture.  These work great if you're particularly worried about the split rings catching the side of your pride and joy.

Of course the real advantage of the adjustable neck strap is in its versatility.  You can wear it long if you want to wear your camera cross body if you're walking a way and don't want your camera swinging around your neck, or you can shorten it to wear around your neck, when you're shooting and want to get to your camera quickly.  

If you haven't yet checked out our adjustable camera strap range, then why not head over to our product page now and see how these could work for you.  Of course, if you have any questions or want to know more, then please feel free to get in touch with us.