Leather Camera Wrist Straps

If you're a compact system camera user, a rangefinder owner or perhaps the owner of a smaller sized compact or 35mm film camera the notion of making use of a leather camera wrist strap with your camera may interest you more than a neck strap. Making use of a wrist strap with your camera has certain advantages.

It keeps your camera at hand all of the time, it provides security knowing where your camera is, and it's easy for having the ability to grab those quick images when you're out with your camera in hand. At 595strapco we make custom leather wrist straps for those searching for that little extra for their camera kit. Honed from 3mm thick leather, our straps are created with a sanded and beveled underside for comfort and appearance.

We also produce them ½" wide and rivet them providing a strong fixing for reassurance. Currently we have just one strap available, the Garren. Having an approximate size of 7.5" to 8", the Garren is available in a choice of 3 colours black, natural and brown, and features the option of brass or nickel plated rivets, together with D ring and 16mm split ring fittings for attachment to your camera. It also incorporates a D ring adjuster for tightening the strap according to your wrist size for your own need.

We also supply a rubber O ring for protection against the body. For the future our self adjusting strap, the VAGA will be joining the range soon providing the option to self adjust easily on your wrist. If you're looking for a leather camera wrist strap, why not take a closer look at the Garren wrist strap.

We feel this is the perfect accessory for your camera, and can provide many years service to you. To learn more or to discuss the range in further detail, you can find the product information here or contact us using the contact form here.