Making Leather Camera Straps in the UK

Having been a keen photographer for many years now, I value good quality equipment and accessories for my hobby. I'm not a Pro photographer, I simply take photos as I have done for a good while now.  

Throughout this time I've always had a keen interest in the additional bits I can add to my camera gear, and the accessories I can add to my kit. Great quality accessories that add something to the kit I have.

One area that has interested me for quite a while are camera straps.  Having been through a good number of them over the years and not found just what I wanted, here I am hand making leather camera straps in the UK for the wrist and neck, that are great quality and an accessory that will live with you for a good while.

The initial range is compact, and made up of wrist straps and neck straps. A couple of different type of wrist straps and two variations of neck straps - one now and one that will be coming along shortly.

All of the products are made from genuine leather, riveted for durability and strength and feature high quality fittings.

The style is traditional, classic, to sympathetically match the taste of the equipment they're aimed at, and that would mainly be for photographers of 35mm film cameras, DSLR's, CSC's and Rangefinder type cameras.

The objective is to concentrate on quality, not quantity. After all, that's what the best photography accessories are about, right?

If you're looking for a quintessentially English product, product made in England with the finest materials then read on and take a closer look around the website.