Custom Leather Camera Neck Straps

Our custom leather camera neck straps are made in the UK, using full grain leather to offer a product that not only looks the part, but also provide the durability and strength needed for holding your camera securely and safely.

For that traditional feel, the neck straps we produce are ½" in width and available in a range of sizes varying from 38" through to 52”, although a specific size can be made if required.

Each strap is finished with a choice of fittings to suit and features a sanded underside and beveled edge for comfort. Double rivets offer the security of fixing and with the range of sizes available, you can choose from a simple over the neck style strap, or perhaps a longer length version that can be worn over the shoulder and neck comfortably to help tuck your camera away when not in use.

At present, our standard leather camera neck strap, the LAVERTON is available in natural, black, brown or tan to provide a selection for almost any taste. The natural option is a particularly interesting colour variation as it ages and colours through age and use. Each strap comes ready for fitting to your camera with high quality 16mm split rings attached and rubber 'O' rings for protection.  Our straps are perfect for a wide range of camera bodies including Rangefinders, film cameras, compact cameras and smaller sized DSLR's.

During the latter part of the year, the BICTON will be introduced to the collection with a neck protector for added comfort for larger camera bodies. If you would like to know more about the range of leather camera neck straps we make, take a closer look at our collection or contact us for more information.