Camera Straps Leather

There's a wide range available to buy with camera straps leather being one of the most popular options for photographers with smaller sized mirrorless, DSLR or film cameras nowadays.

With so many makers of camera straps in leather, the choice is endless for what type of leather to be used, the choice of strap ends and indeed customisation along with colour!  At 595strapco, we offer an extensive range of camera straps made from a variety of premium leather in response to the requests we've had over time.

Horween Chromexcel Leather Camera Straps

Camera Straps Leather | 595strapco

Possibly our most favoured choice of material for camera straps, for both neck straps and wrist straps.  Chromexcel is a USA leather, which offers the softest, most supple leather needing no breaking in! 

Available from us in both brown or black it's an excellent leather being run fast meaning the likelihood of the colour running in hot or humid conditions is almost zero.  We offer a wide range of Horween Chromexcel camera straps including both stitched and riveted ends.  

English Veg Tan Leather

Camera Straps in Leather

Our classic range of leather camera neck straps are made from premium english veg tan leather.  Available in a range of colour choices, English veg tan leather is favoured for it's durability and once broken in and softened up, will last a lifetime!  It's a full grain leather and we choose hides from our supplier in both black and tan colour along with natural (uncoloured), which in use forms a patina to tell your story over time.

We also make our accessories such as wallets, card holders and belts from veg tan leather for strength and durability in a wide range of leather thicknesses.

If you are looking for a camera strap with leather being the optimal material to brighten up your camera, or to make it look a bit more retro, then take a closer look at the options we have available or get in touch and let us know what you're looking for.