Best Leather Camera Strap for a Fujifilm Camera

As a business we make leather camera straps, as keen photographers ourselves, we shoot a lot with Fujifilm cameras and have used almost all of the Fujifilm X series cameras over the years.  One question we get asked a lot is what is the best leather camera strap for a Fujifilm camera.

Having used almost all of the Fujifilm range of cameras over the past few years, we have a couple of favourites that always come to mind when we're asked to recommend one of our straps, but there's a simple question to answer first. 

Wrist Strap or Neck Strap?
We do love a really good neck strap, but a comfortable wrist strap is always close to us when we're out and about with the camera, dependent on what sort of shooting we're doing.  

Best Leather Camera Strap for a Fujifilm Camera

If we're roaming the streets with our X-Pro or X100 cameras a neck strap is ideal, for use, either around the neck or over our shoulder. 

We also like a longer length neck strap, allowing us to wear the camera 'cross body'.  For use, we find it more comfortable throughout the day and we can easily tuck the camera away behind us if we need to.

However, if we're doing more considered shooting, for instance when using a tripod or a portrait shoot, where the camera is in hand more than not, we think a wrist strap is a great addition to a camera body.  It keeps the camera close to hand ready to shoot, it gives us that little bit of security by keeping a physical tether to the camera.

Sterling wrist strap

Fit and size?
We make a wide range of leather camera straps for Fujifilm cameras, including both neck straps and wrist straps.  We make them in different sizes and different widths which is often down to personal taste as to which you prefer.

Another question we also get asked a lot is what size strap do I need?  We'll maybe go into our responses to that in a different post, but a quick measure will give you an idea of the length of strap you want.

Other Considerations
The final consideration is if you want a standard lug style fitting leather camera strap for a Fujifilm camera or something a bit more specialised. 

We offer a quick release leather camera strap using Peak Design Anchor Clips in both a wrist strap and neck strap.  Peak Design anchor clips are ideal if you want to use the same strap on different cameras - we can even supply additional links if required.

A final consideration after all that is to consider either a stitched and riveted end strap.  We make our straps with both styles and you may want to consider if a stitched or riveted end strap is more for you.

So once you've thought about those initial thoughts we'll offer a few of our personal favourites as the best leather camera strap for a Fujifilm Camera.

Leather Neck Straps

1. Vantage Leather Neck Strap
One of our premium leather neck straps, hand made from Horween Chromexcel and featuring camera protection bumpers as standard. 

Available in black or brown, our Vantage leather neck strap is the perfect understated touch of quality for your Fujifilm camera.

2.  Sterling Leather Neck Strap
At 16mm wide, the Sterling Leather Neck Strap is a comfortable neck strap for all day carrying. 

Hand stitched ends help to protect your camera against unnecessary strap wear and tear and camera bumpers can be added at the time of ordering for peace of mind.

3.  Rivet Free Classic Leather Camera Strap
One of our most popular camera straps, the RF leather camera strap is made from high quality veg tan leather and features stitched ends using waxed polyester thread for strength and durability.

Available in several different colours, the RF neck strap takes a little bit of breaking in due to its thickness - but in tan colour, for instance, it always looks beautiful.  Our favourite is the natural (uncoloured) strap as through use the leather darkens to a beautiful golden patina.

Leather Wrist Straps

1. Sterling Leather Wrist Strap
Made from Horween Chromexcel leather in black or brown, the Sterling leather wrist strap is a strong reliable wrist strap. 

At approximately 8" in length, the Sterling wrist strap is comfortable to wear all day and features a keeper helping you to tighten or loosen the strap around your wrist as you wish to.

2. Odyssey Leather Wrist Strap
Another 16mm wide, 8" in length wrist strap made from Horween Chromexcel, the Odyssey differs from the Sterling wrist strap in that it features a stitched end and keeper for strength, style and reliability.

Along with choosing either black or brown leather, you can choose a contrasting thread colour to suit your mood and personality.

These are just a few of our favourite recommendations for the best leather camera strap for a Fujifilm camera.  We have a wide choice of neck straps and wrist straps, including an adjustable option to help you find your perfect camera strap.

But of course, if you're still unsure we're more than happy to chat over the merits of each strap we offer and which suits your style best.