On-Black Skinny - New Addition!

Our On-Black range of high quality bridle leather camera wrist straps are proving to be popular amongst photographers, and with this in mind, we're pleased to announce a new range to the "on-black" series - the Skinny.

The Skinny takes all of the great features of the regular on-black range, but puts it into a strap that's just a little less imposing on you as a Photographer, but still offers a fantastic add on to your camera, and a great way to carry your camera around.

Measuring up at 7.5" long, the Skinny is 1/4" wide and is hand made from high quality premium bridle leather.  It comes available in a choice of whipping, including black, red, beige and blue and features a rubber O ring for simple adjustment to your wrist size, along with an O ring to help protect your camera. DYXT3023We've found in long term testing the Skinny, that it's the perfect accompaniment to a small CSC sized camera such as the Fuji X-Pro1, Fuji XT-1 or equivalent, being able to take the strain required, without the bulk and sheer size of the regular on-black series.  

The Skinny also soon "breaks in" offering a comfortable fit, whilst providing a long lasting option to your camera strap decisions.

We guess it's down to individual choice as to which you prefer - the Skinny or the Regular "on-black" series, we're happy to keep making each strap to your requirements using premium materials including bridle leather and high quality fittings.

You can check out the range of "on-black" camera straps including the new Skinny series through this link and if you want any further information, then please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.  We'd be more than happy to talk through your requests.