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String Wrist Straps
String Wrist Straps

String Wrist Straps

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Hand cut from Horween Chromexcel leather, our string wrist strap features 1mm black waxed polyester thread as a fixing point making it the ideal straps for small point and shoot cameras that do not feature lug style fitting.

Measuring 8" in length, the string wrist strap provides a great option for carrying your camera with easy access for capturing those moments easily and with minimum fuss when needed.

We use 1mm waxed polyester thread for decoration and they are the ideal wrist strap for the street photographer or any photographer looking for a reliable, secure way of carrying their smaller camera.

A rubber O ring is included to help achieve a more snug fit on your wrist.


  • Cord fitting for smaller sized cameras 
  • Black or brown leather
  • 3/8” (9.5mm) wide
  • Strap length approx 8"
  • Cord length approx 2"
  • Premium Horween Chromexcel leather
  • 1mm premium waxed polyester thread
  • O Ring adjuster

Additional Information

The length is established without fittings.
* No Camera Equipment included in sale